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2014 Calendar of Events


** means not on schedule card


As of 1-1-2014 Crossbows are allowed in

3-D competition and on the practice range only.

No Crossbows allowed indoors!


January : 5th Indoor Shoot Sun. 1:30pm Pin/ SG start

**12th Club meeting 3:00

**13th-17th Indoor leagues---scoring begins

15th Trad Indoor Shoot Wed. 6:00pm

18th Indoor Shoot Sat. 10:00 Pin/ SG start

18th -19th 3-D,T,C,M Shoot Sat. 8-12:00 Sun. 8-12:00


February: 2nd Indoor Shoot Sun. 1:30 P/SG

**9th Club meeting Sun. 3:00

15th Indoor Shoot Sat. Cancelled!!

15th-16th 3-D,T,C,M Shoot Sat. Sun. Cancelled!!

19th Trad Indoor Shoot Wed. Cancelled!!

22nd-23rd VBA Indoor Sectional @ Sherwood


March:**9th Indoor League shoot off @ 3:00--then Award Banquet

**10th Club meeting Mon. 6:00

22nd-23rd 3-D,T,C,M Shoot Sat. 8-12:00 Sun. 8-12:00 T/MC

April: 6th Pin Shoot F/H,P Sun. 11:00 SG start

12th-13th VBA 3-D Spring Classic

**14th Club meeting Mon. 6:00pm

26th -27th Annual Dogwood Tournament

Sat. 8-12:00 Sun. 8-12:00 T-F/H-MC

26th-27th 3-D Shoot Sat. 8-12:00 Sun. 8-12:00 Trophy/MC

May: 10th 3-D Shoot Sat. 8-12:00 Trophy/MC

**12th Club meeting Mon. 6:00

24th-25th VBA Open


June: 7th- 8th Sherwood Star Shoot Trad Only

F/H - 3-D Novelty O/MC

Sat. 8-2:00-Sun 8-12:00

**9th Club Meeting Mon. 6:00

21st 300 Round P,F,MC 8:10


July: ** 14th Club Meeting Mon. 6:00

19th-20th 3-D ASA State T 8-12 BD CM

18th-20th Virginia Commonwealth Games

26th-27th Commonwealth 3-D @ Sherwood

O 3-D 9:00 BD SG

August: **11th Club Meeting Mon. 6:00

16th-17th VBA 3-D Fall Classic

23rd-24th 3-D Shoot Sat. 8-12:00 Sun. 8-12:00 Trophy/MC

30th-31st VBA State Closed


September: **8th Club Meeting Mon. 6:00

13th-14th Jamboree 3-D, Short 14, Novelty

Sat. 8-2:00 Sun. 8-12:00 O/MC